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During the post, I will have games that I sell on Amazon, and I will be talking about the Batman games.  Blackgate, Arkham City, Batman Origins and Batman Arkham Knight.  There is a walk through on the page of Batman Arkham City page at the top of the menu. The story of Batman Arkham City, is where Bruce Wayne is trying to shut down Arkham City, Now Hugo Strange set out to capture Bruce Wayne, while doing a press conference Bruce was abducted by Strange’s Hench man.

Now while tied up Strange tells Bruce that since he has him, he can now start Protocol 10, and he also knows that Bruce is Batman.  This is the start of the Arkham City adventure, now with Bruce, getting his bats suit he is ready to find the Joker.  But first he has to save Catwoman from Two-Face Harvey Dent.  Now you just get the first taste of the game.  This game can be purchased through Amazon on my site, or you can get it from Utomik.  Utomik is a platform that you can download on to your computer to download games.

Utomik is based out of the Netherlands with an office in the United States, with the CEO Doki Tops and his team, to get you the most of your gaming experience.  Right now, Utomik is in the Beta stage and it has over 700+ games for you to play.  Here are some of the games that you get and play anytime, for $5.95 a month you cannot beat it.

  1. Batman- Arkham City.
  2. Batman- Arkham Asylum.
  3. Star Wars Battle front.
  4. Operation Flashpoint.
  5. The Love Boat.
  6. The Lego Star Wars.


Now there are game that are coming to Utomik like Batman- Blackgate, The Lego Harry Potter, and the Lego Batman video game.  Utomiks is good if you do not have PS3, Xbox and PS4.  You can play with the keyboard and the mouse and also you can get a game controller with a USB to play as well.  The system requirements has to be windows 7 or higher, and certain games require more memory, CPU, graphic cards like Nividia or Intel graphic cards.


If you have any questions you can contact support at or you can contact me .  If you have a good experience with Utomik or games that you would like to see on Utomik you can email me as well and I will pass it along to support.  Right now these are the publishers that Utomik are partnered with.

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