The Batman Trilogy End’s or does it?

Well with the last game Batman- Arkaham Knight that came out in 2015 it seems that the batman games would be over?  With all the games that started in order from Batman- Arkham Origins, Attack on Arkham, Black gate, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and the last Arkham Knight.

It seems that the batman games are all done with, but in the video of the last game Arkham knight, there is a spoiler at the end of the game, that presents that there might be another game coming out.  But at this point that is speculation, at the end of the game Bruce Wayne activates the knightfall Protocol.

There could be another Batman game in the making, but that is jus speculation. I am hoping that there will be one made, that will be in my next post.  Lets hope that the best is yet to come.  There is rumored that Rocksteady is making a superman game, but that might be shot down.

But there is a project that Rocksteady is making but has not come out yet, but the WB Montreal is saying that there might be another batman game soon, we are just waiting for conformation on that.  All the batman games are outstanding, and you can see three games in Utomik that you can play.


Now in this next video the commentary from this good source will describe what he knows about he superman game that is coming out in 2018, he gets this off Reddit and it’s the best source that I have came across.

With Rocksteady having all there ducks in a row, the superman game, might be coming out. But it would be awesome on other batman games could come out in the future, because they can not just kill off batman, there could be a temperal  paradox to this but not really for sure.  I would just keep your eye on this and I ll have more post on what is going on in the gaming world of Utomik, and other great games that are coming out.

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