Batman Arkham City Walk Through

Hello and welcome to the Batman Arkham City walk through, On this page you will see from start to finish of the walk throughs. In the beginning Bruce Wayne gets kidnaped by Hugo Strange.  And at this point, Strange knows that Bruce is Batman.

Now Bruce has to stay in Arkham to see what protocol 10 is and to stop it before it begins, now here is part one of the walk through. I will give a description of each video so you know what is going on.


Part 2- follow the cape crusader to the steel mill, to find the joker, Now Batman has to rescue the Dr. and then go back for the Joker, follow Batman as he kicks butt in the walkthrough.  Remember all the walk throughs is how to win the game.


Part 3- Blood Ties, after be captured by the joker, Batman finds out that he was infected with the blood that the joker has in him, that is killing him.  Help Batman find Mr. Freeze to get the cure before it kills batman and the Joker.


Part 4- The Museum, help batman defeat the Penguin and Grundy to help find Mr. Freeze to get the cure.  Batman helps GCPD police in the museum from the 13th Precinct.  Now The penguin has to pay for what he did to Bruce Wayne, recover the cure.



Part 5- Wonder City,  This Video Batman must track Ra’s al Ghul to get a sample of the blood and get it back to Freeze to finish the cure.


Part 6- The Cure, this is where Batman gets the blood to Freeze and gets the cure, now Batman must defeat Freeze and get the antidote to Gotham to save the people.


Part 7- The only way in, in this walk through Batman has to save Vicki Vale from a chopper that has crashed, and now since the Joker has the cure that he got from Harly Quinn, Batman has to get the cure before its too late.


Part 8- House of Mirrors, in this walk through Batman is still on the way to get the cure from Joker.

Part 9 – Protocol Ten, in this walk through Batman needs to breach Wonder Tower and stop Protocol 10, and stop strange from killing thousands in Arkham City.


Batman: Return to Arkham City Ending – The Last Show, in this ending Batman gets the cure from the Joker, saves Talia from the Joker, and Batman has to defeat Clayface.

I hope that you enjoyed the walk through of Batman Arkham City, There will be more walk throughs that I will be putting on my site for you to enjoy.


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